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Arlington is our newest location and represents the best of the local scene with Starbucks and Coldstone Creamery right next door. Nestled in a vibrant retail center, the traditional brick architecture immediately sets teens and parents at ease.

Arlington Clinical Team

Jordan Anselma
Jordan Anselma, LPC
Executive Director

Why Mental and Behavioral Health Treatment For Teens Should Be Different

When you’re a teen, there are enough physiological and hormonal challenges going on as it is. And the challenges, obstacles, and pressures you face today just aren’t the same as they were 40, 30, or even 10 years ago.

Mental and behavioral healthcare should be molded to match the current teen experience rather than the standard or adult-level treatment plans. Teens need targeted support that equips them for modern-day challenges.

That’s what we’ve set out to accomplish at BasePoint Academy.

Going against the status quo and changing the adolescent treatment narrative, we are able to facilitate positive and lasting patient outcomes. It’s how we provide patient-forward and holistic care to set your teens up for success, sobriety, and resiliency that lasts a lifetime.

At BPA, we promise to treat each teen with respect and compassion while providing a safe and healing environment that allows teens to truly be seen, heard, and supported.

If you’re an Arlington area teen, you are more than your diagnosis. At BPA, you will find the ability to activate your innate capacity to heal and establish lasting change. You are more and your future is bright.

Resiliency is founded on effective treatment and compassionate care. 
Resiliency happens at BasePoint Academy.

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Hallmarks of CARE AT BasePoint Academy

Individualized, Teen-Centered Treatment Plans and Therapeutic Modalities
Individualized, Teen-Centered Treatment Plans and Therapeutic Modalities
Depth of Care VS Breadth of Care
Depth of Care VS Breadth of Care
Servant-Leadership Style
Servant-Leadership Style
Academic Support During Treatment
Academic Support During Treatment

What Teen-Centered Care Looks Like At BasePoint Academy In Arlington, TX

Blending Clinical Therapies, Psychopharmacology, and Mindfulness To Enhance The Teen Experience

At BasePoint Academy, we’re not rushing teens and families through care to improve completion rates. We take the time to invest in the depth of our services and each patient’s long-term success. We exist to make a lasting impact on the lives and futures of our patients.

By applying the principles of servant leadership and innovative evidence-Based Therapeutic Modalities, we exist to see Arlington TX teens through the healing and recovery process.


CBT helps patients identify negative thought patterns and connect them to the subsequent negative behavior. They will learn new coping and mitigation skills in order to develop healthier habits.

DBT is a reliable treatment for individuals who experience intense emotions or personality disorders. Patients will gain a better understanding of how they feel and learn to accept themselves. They will be equipped with tools to manage their emotions, and initiate positive behavior changes.

The study of prescription and illicit drug effects on adults and teens is what is known as Clinical Pharmacology. Here, our practitioners focus on understanding and implementing effective and reliable drug therapies for the teens we treat.

Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Equine Therapy are some of the evidence-based therapies under the umbrella of Experiential Therapy. During these sessions, the patient will be engaged in productive hands-on activities while addressing internal thought processes, past experiences, and external behaviors.

When leveraged properly, peer pressure and influence can be a positive avenue for healing and change. In our expert-led peer group therapy, the patient will learn and have the opportunity to practice necessary coping skills. This allows our teens to see their mental and emotional health and the resulting negative behaviors in a new light

Motivational Interviewing is a patient-focused form of teen counseling that empowers the patient to recognize the negative behaviors and initiate positive behavior changes.

Trust-Based Relational Intervention is a training method for caregivers and providers. This modality helps them to better meet the complex needs of the teens in their life and has proven effective for teens with a history of adoption, foster care, or physical or sexual abuse.

Teens receiving daily treatment and support for substance use or mental health challenges are at increased risk of falling behind in school. At BasePoint Academy, our teen-focused process holistically integrates academic support into daily treatment.

Trauma-informed care is a multifaceted approach to treatment for teens who have been exposed to traumatic events or abuse. Patients learn how to address negative thoughts and processes and reduce behavioral issues triggered by trauma responses.

Our psychiatric providers work side-by-side with clinicians, teen patients, and their families to safely and effectively manage medication dosage and symptom awareness.

Behavioral health, substance abuse, and mental health crises are unnerving and challenging for both patients and their families. Our clinical and teen psychiatric teams are here to help with deescalating any teen-related crisis and assist in managing their care.

Patient Success Is How We Measure Our Success

We do this through patient-centered and holistic care. Through individualized treatment plans designed to help teens achieve and maintain stability and personal autonomy.

At BasePoint Academy, we teach teens how to believe in their own power to bounce back from life’s biggest challenges by regulating emotions, regaining a sense of self, and developing/maintaining resiliency.