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Personalized Teen Medication Management for Mental Health and Substance Abuse: Dallas area

A Multidisciplinary Team Providing Confidential Care and Medication Management

Physician-led treatment plans and treatment team is an integral part of BasePoint Academy’s treatment process. Our psychiatric team will walk each teen through the medication management process, from prescription medications and drug interactions to health complications, and taking the right dose of the right medications.

After a thorough medical and psychiatric initial evaluation, the provider will determine if prescribing medications is the best path for that patient; based on their individual needs. Our adolescent treatment center in Dallas is equipped to assist teens, ages 12-18 (if still in school), in relation to mental health, behavioral health, and dual diagnosis.

Our goal is to empower our patients to overcome any biological, mental, and physical challenges they may face and help them learn to embrace a brighter future.

What Is Medication Management?

Psychiatric medications play a foundational role in mental health and substance use disorder recovery. We believe a successful recovery and rehabilitation path for some teens may require the integration of medication management in addition to other treatments and therapeutic modalities.

The process of medication management includes monitoring symptoms and side effects, evaluating holistic well-being, to keep track of dosages, gauging the patient’s progress on certain meds, appraising the effectiveness of prescribed medications, identifying adverse drug events, and making any necessary adjustments.

With the skilled expertise of our clinical care team, we will complete a comprehensive diagnostic assessment before prescribing anything. Based on the results, a clinician, or provider will recommend a treatment plan and determine what medications would be suited for each patient to acheive the desired health outcome. Treating various behavioral health, mental health, and dual diagnosis conditions are intended to improve their quality of life.

What Is Medication Management?

Medication Therapy Management For Teens

Pharmaceutical treatment plans are a key element to effectively managing your teen’s medication regimen and form an essential pillar of BasePoint’s healthcare continuum.

A medication management plan is developed by our medical professionals and will be implemented collaboratively with therapeutic, academic, and psychiatric healthcare providers to facilitate the best possible outcomes.

Each individual patient’s medication management plan is designed to address their unique needs and mitigate side effects. Prescription medications may be prescribed in either BPA’s Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient Programs and is closely monitored by the medical team.

Managing Multiple Medications

Managing Multiple Medications

For patients who present with co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety or depression, as well as a Substance Use Disorder, it may be part of their prescription medication management plan to be prescribed multiple medications.

Our psychiatric and clinical care teams will assist patients and families in the practice of safe prescription drug dosage and the medication management process to avoid medication errors, refills, and reduce adverse effects. They will be provided with a detailed medication list for reference.

We are committed to patient safety and well-being every step of the way to help them achieve the desired outcomes.

Psychopharmacology: What It Is And How It Connects To Medication Management

Psychopharmacology is the medical and scientific study of how different prescription drugs affect a patient. From changes in mood or sensation to thought patterns and behavior, many of these signs and symptoms communicate how the body is responding to any given prescription medication or illicit substance.

This practice helps providers and caregivers understand the connection between outward actions and the inner workings of the nervous system, mind, and behavior.

At BasePoint Academy, we’re not here to sign a prescription and walk away. Our emphasis on Psychopharmacology is proof of our investment in the lasting results and recovery of each patient we treat.

What Psychopharmacology Treatment For Teens Looks Like At BasePoint Academy

What Medication Management Looks Like At BasePoint Academy

Our medical and clinical teams include experienced practitioners in the field of adolescent mental health and substance abuse. We are committed to age-appropriate care and confidential sessions that cater to the patient’s needs.

Because we work collaboratively with each family member, primary care providers, and the school district, we can confidently provide highly specialized medication management services for each teen in our programs.

After a comprehensive assessment, a personalized prescription medication management plan will be implemented. The patient’s responsiveness, negative side effects, and overall progress will be evaluated closely to ensure effectiveness and correct dosage.

Is Medication Management Right For Your Teen?

Every patient’s situation is unique and dependent on a number of factors related to existing health conditions, well-being, and substance use. At BasePoint Academy, we’re only interested in pursuing a treatment path that will be effective and well-suited to your teen. Our goal is to improve each patient’s quality of life.

This may or may not include medication management with prescription drugs and supplements or medication therapy management. Schedule a consultation with our team today to discuss your teen’s path to healing and recovery.

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