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Data-Informed Treatment Continues to Yield Positive and Lasting Patient Outcomes

Data From Our Teen-Focused Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment Program.

National Emergency for Teen Behavioral Healthcare Calls For Innovative Data-Informed Treatment

One in seven teenagers experience a mental health disorder, [1] and three-quarters of teens seventeen and under have depression as well as anxiety. Even more troubling is that nearly half of them also have behavior problems. [2] 

It’s no wonder the nation’s leading pediatric groups declared a national emergency in children’s mental health in 2021.

Our founders had first-hand and personal exposure to dealing with the adolescent behavioral and mental health field and recognized the importance of utilizing comprehensive and consistent metrics to inform the development of BPA’s treatment process.

Our Commitment to Provide an Outcomes-Driven Approach

At BPA, we’re proud to offer a myriad of evidence-based therapeutic modalities and interventions designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the adolescent population. By partnering with Mental Health Outcomes, an industry-leading clinical outcomes measurement system, BPA’s patient outcomes are analyzed by a third party who confirms the validity and reliability of BPA programming at our teen treatment center in Dallas.

By partnering with MHO, BPA measures our success by measuring patient success through MHO’s industry-leading and comprehensive assessments that are implemented throughout the treatment process. This consistent gathering of data, also known as a patient’s progression through treatment, helps BPA gain an unbiased and data-informed picture to best help your teen establish positive and lasting change.

Third-Party Results: BPA patient change scores indicate 2x Higher.

BasePoint Academy’s success numbers are incredibly encouraging. We’re proud to offer the high-quality level of care, teen-focused treatment and teenage counseling that the next generation desperately needs. At BPA, we believe that thorough assessment is the foundation of good clinical practice and quality of care. See for yourself.

BasePoint Academy patients admit with more acute symptoms than is commonly seen.

Upon completion of treatment at BPA, the same patients discharge with change scores that are 2x better than other providers or treatment centers.
Based on the industry standard 32-point self-report structure set forth by the Child and Adolescent Behavior Assessment-Youth (CABA-Y), here’s what the numbers tell us:
BPA Patient Outcomes


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