Maintaining the Highest Editorial Standards

If your teen is struggling with substance use, behavioral, or mental health issues, the last thought on your mind should be worrying if you can trust the information provided. Our top priority is ensuring that we remain your go-to source of verified, evidence-based and science-backed clinical-medical information.

How We Protect Against Misinformation

All information we put forward, especially regarding the wellness and treatment of your teens, is thoroughly researched and verified to be backed by medical evidence and science. We only use peer-reviewed scientific journals, studies, or government agency sources supported by complex data and studies. How do we do this?
Each source we cite is vetted for authenticity, accuracy, and quality. The only sources which pass the vetting process and are eligible for use are founded in verifiable science and data.
All content on our website is continually reviewed to maintain a high level of scientific accuracy and quality. If something changes in medical science, we quickly adapt our practices to reflect advances in the field. In this way, we battle misinformation by ensuring that the information we provide is relevant and up-to-date.
Content can be factually incorrect while listing credible, accurate sources. This is why we closely review all content we produce to ensure it is accurate to the reliable sources it quotes.

Every person who contributes medical information to this website must undergo our rigorous screening process, in which we check to ensure that they maintain the proper clinical experience and credentials. In this way, we seek to lessen the chance of misinformation even before the editorial process begins.

That extra layer of clinical expertise sets us apart from other treatment centers. We strive to honor the trust you place in us when you leave your teens in our care.

Four Core Beliefs

At BasePoint Academy, we believe that your teens deserve only the highest quality treatment. That is why we strive daily to improve our online and in-person practices. Below are four core beliefs that drive us to do better for those we serve.
In today’s world, there is far too much stigma attached to mental health and substance abuse recovery, especially in teens. Our goal, in part, is to eliminate that stigma. One way we do that is by living daily with compassion and empathy.

In this digital age, teenagers face enough outside pressures to conform, especially if they are different from the norm, are neurodivergent, or struggle with behavioral disorders, mental health, or substance abuse problems.

That is why we at BasePoint Academy strive to make our care as inclusive as possible. We want everyone – no matter what walk of life they’re from – to feel as safe and welcome as possible.

In that same vein, we strive to be as accessible as possible to everyone, regardless of background or circumstance. Every person we treat is our top priority.

If your teen is suffering from behavioral disorders, substance use disorder, or other mental health disorders, you need quick, easy access to science-backed, verifiable medical information. We believe access to that information is critical to successful treatment and rehabilitation.

That is why you will only find medical information backed by peer-reviewed studies and updated medical journals on our website. Our number one priority is ensuring you have the information you can trust at your fingertips when you or your teen need it most.

How Can We Do Better For You and Your Teen?

Our mission is to be the best we can be and provide only the best care to the teenagers who depend on their loved ones and us. If there is anything we could do to improve our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.