About BasePoint Academy

Our Story

From 2021 to 2023, according to the Mental Health America Non- Profit Foundation, Texas ranked dead last, 51 out of 51, in their annual survey detailing access to mental health services in America.

Father and son duo, Roy and Blake Serpa, founded BasePoint Academy with Dr. Kimberly Dobbins in 2021. Roy had 38+ years experience in Healthcare leadership by then, but when Roy and Blake lost Brittney in 2012 to bipolar and suicide, it opened their eyes to the current behavioral health system in Texas.  The Serpa family had fielded countless calls in the middle of the night, and frantic text messages – because friends and family knew their story and felt comfortable talking about their own families struggles with them. Through that process, the Serpa’s decided to solve the gap in access to quality behavioral health services in DFW and across the state.

Today, the Serpa’s personal experience directly impacts how they recruit, develop, and lead staff at BasePoint Academy. This in turn is reflected in the quality of treatment BasePoint Academy provides. Our personal experience is why BasePoint Academy was born and why we offer a quality of care that is unmatched.

BasePoint Academy’ Mission:

To bring accessible, understandable, and evidence-based behavioral healthcare to our patients and their families.

Our Core Values


Our Vision Statement

To become the statewide leader in outpatient behavioral health services.
To be a choice employer and provider by creating a team-oriented culture.
To continue maintaining, developing, and implementing innovative treatment modalities.
To partner with insurers, teaching institutions, health systems, and local communities.
To increase access to affordable healthcare and decrease the stigma of seeking treatment.