Explosive, Intermittent & General Anger Management Therapy for Teens in Dallas, Texas

Anger Management Therapy for Teens at BasePoint Academy

At BasePoint Academy, we understand the stressors facing teens that can trigger frequent angry verbal outbursts, physical aggression, or disruptive moods. Our facilities, conveniently located near Dallas, Texas, provide a safe, nurturing environment for teens to receive personalized care. Each treatment center in Arlington, Forney, and McKinney has resources to help your teen identify the causes of their uncontrolled anger and learn how to cope with their emotions and resolve conflicts.

We specialize in evidence-based, holistic anger management therapy for teens. We cater to young people suffering from general, intermittent, or explosive anger and anger-related disorders.  At BasePoint Academy, we believe every teenager deserves a chance to develop strategies for recognizing potential anger triggers, improving their communication skills and managing their emotional response. Our compassionate and professional team is ready to support and guide them toward mental and emotional wellness.

Common Causes of Anger Issues in Teenagers

Teenagers can get angry for several reasons. It may feel simplistic, but body chemistry and fluctuating hormones can fuel intense emotions and lead to significant mood swings and outbursts. Another contributor is brain development. Areas of the brain that regulate impulse control and rational thinking are not fully developed until after age 20.

When fluctuating hormones influence those areas of the brain, it can increase the potential for your teenager to experience uncontrolled anger. The teen years are also when adolescents are no longer children but are not adults. Social expectations are rising, and teenagers are seeking autonomy. At other times, uncontrolled anger can be a symptom of another underlying problem or mental health condition that affects emotional regulation.

Anger Management Treatment Admissions and Intake

Our complimentary assessment with a licensed clinician will provide you with a recommendation for the appropriate level of care for your teen struggling with mental health. We can also check your insurance coverage levels.

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Different Types of Anger-Related Disorder in Teens

There are times when anger is healthy. Anger is not a natural response to every situation, and teenagers need tools to manage unhealthy levels of emotion that do not match the problem, get out of control, or cause violence. The following are examples of different types of anger disorders, but it is not a complete list.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)

Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) is characterized by sudden episodes of aggressive outbursts that are not warranted for the situation. Teenagers with IED display problems with hostility and impulse control, essentially exploding into a rage despite having limited or no provocation.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

The cause of this mental health condition is unknown but may involve a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Situations that can trigger Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) include chaotic home life, inconsistent discipline, and exposure to abuse, neglect, or trauma. Teenagers are uncooperative and often hostile towards their peers, parents, and teachers.


Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD)

This is a mental health condition in which adolescents experience intense temper outbursts alongside ongoing feelings of irritability and anger. Teenagers typically have significant problems at school, at home, and with their peers. Teenagers are typically irritable, but those with DMDD have difficulty tolerating any level of frustration and have outbursts that are disproportionate to the situation.

Explosive Anger Issues in Teens

Although it may look as if a teenager is just going through a phase of development, the intensity and degree of anger and how that anger is expressed may indicate that mental health treatment is necessary. Explosive anger disorder is expressed in a lack of anger control, self-control, and impulse control.

Intermittent Anger Issues in Teens

Intermittent anger issues in teenagers is a mental health condition in which your teenager inconsistently displays difficulty controlling their anger and impulsivity, but not to the degree that a teen with IED struggles. Teenagers may exhibit other symptoms, including self-harming behaviors, and experience headaches, chest tightness, and numbness or tingling sensations in their extremities.

General Anger Issues in Teens

Some teenagers have general problems with anger issues and find it difficult to calm themselves, lack conflict resolution skills and coping strategies, and struggle with impulse control. Teenagers with general anger issues may consistently have the same arguments with their family and friends or immediately regret their actions during or after an argument.

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Teen Anger Management Treatment Programs

When it comes to managing anger in teenagers, there are several treatment programs available that can help. These programs aim not only to aid in anger management for teens near me, but also to improve impulse control and provide teenage stress relief.

At BasePoint Academy, we understand the unique challenges faced by adolescents dealing with anger issues. Our adolescent anger management near Dallas, TX, provides a highly structured environment where teenagers can learn vital skills during the day and then return home to practice them at night.

Teen Anger Management Classes

Our teenage anger management classes focus on teaching these essential skills, offering practical strategies for managing anger and improving emotional well-being. We also provide teen anger management treatment that is designed to address the root causes of anger, helping teenagers to better understand their emotions.

Teen Anger Management Counseling and Therapy

In addition to our classes, we offer anger management counseling in Dallas. Our counselors are highly experienced in working with teenagers and can provide the support and guidance needed to help them manage their anger effectively.

For those seeking more intensive support, our anger management treatment facility offers a comprehensive range of services. From individual therapy sessions to group programs, we have a variety of options to suit every teenager’s needs.

So if you’re looking for anger management youth programs or an anger evaluation near me, consider BasePoint Academy. Our team is committed to helping teenagers manage their anger and lead happier, healthier lives.

Partial Hospitalization Program for Teen Anger

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) are operated five days weekly, typically from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. During this time, your adolescent undergoes a customized treatment plan developed by licensed mental health professionals at BasePoint Academy. Treatment typically includes individual, group, and family therapy to help your teen develop coping strategies and promote teenage resilience.

Intensive Outpatient Program for Teen Anger

Intensive outpatient programs are an effective and viable option for offering treatment to teenagers who have difficulty with anger management. An intensive outpatient program offers your teenager the help they need when once-a-week therapy is not enough. Several evidence-based and holistic therapeutic interventions are available to meet your teenager’s needs.

Crisis Stabilization Services for Teen Anger

The licensed mental health professionals at BasePoint Academy understand that adversity happens. At times, it can develop into a crisis. While BasePoint Academy offers outpatient treatment and crisis stabilization, in severe cases, hospitalization or residential treatment may be necessary to de-escalate so your young adult is no longer an active danger to themselves or others.

Types of Anger Management Therapy and Counseling for Adolescents

The licensed counselors and mental health professionals at BasePoint Academy are well-equipped and educated in adolescent development and youth counseling. There are several ways of offering teens Mental Health Resources for young adults who are experiencing high interventions to address teenage stress. The following are examples, but it is not a complete list.

Does Insurance Cover Anger Management Therapy for Teenagers?

Yes, most health insurance plans cover anger management therapy for teenagers who are beneficiaries of your health insurance policy. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act mandated that all health insurance policies written after 2010 included coverage for essential health services, which include mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

However, not all policies offer the same benefits and limitations. Your out-of-pocket expenses will depend on several factors that the admission specialists at BasePoint Academy can easily check for you. Call BasePoint Academy at (972) 357-1749 or contact us online so our admission specialist can check your insurance coverage, determine if prior authorization is needed before treatment can start, and estimate your out-of-pocket costs.

Which Health Insurance Providers Cover Anger Management Treatment for Adolescents?

All health insurance companies must comply with the Affordable Care Act. Many health insurance policies require that anger management techniques treatment facilities are in-network for the beneficiary to receive the highest benefits. Health plans include Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Magellan, Aetna, Optum, and Carelon Behavioral Health.

While every policy must offer some insurance coverage for mental health conditions, the coverage is not the same between policies. You can easily check your insurance coverage, estimate your out-of-pocket costs and determine if documentation is required before treatment can begin.

Symptoms and Signs of Anger Issues in Adolescents

When anger is related to a mental health condition, it is a deeper issue than just a “phase” as your teen grows out of fluctuating hormones and into adult brain development. A licensed mental health professional can help if your teenager is demonstrating physical aggressiveness around friends and family, such as throwing things, shoving people, or getting into fights.

When your teenager is harming themselves or others, or if you feel you’re in danger, this is another indication that you need help from a mental health professional. Behaviors that demonstrate your teenager needs support include verbally threatening to harm people or animals, destroying property, self-harming, or bullying others.

Teenage anger issues indicate there’s an underlying mental health condition that goes beyond normal teenage angst. While the reality is that anger is normal, anger that is out of proportion to the situation is not. These are some signs and symptoms of anger issues in your teenager.

  • Unexplained bruises, wounds, or scars
  • Become deeply frustrated or angry when a minor inconvenience threatens the stability and balance of their day
  • Altered sleeping patterns, such as needing very little sleep or having difficulty falling asleep
  • Withdrawal from friends and family
  • Appears to focus on people they believe have wronged them and may talk about getting revenge
  • Sensitive to rejection
  • Not happy, even when good things are happening
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BasePoint Academy Accepts health Insurance

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Base Point Academy has several anger management treatment facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including in Arlington, Forney, and McKinney, Texas. Each of these luxury facilities offers the same level of care from licensed mental health professionals whose focus is providing teenagers with the tools and resources they need to heal and support sustainable recovery from depression and other mental health conditions.

  • Arlington, Texas: 3900 Arlington Highlands Blvd, Suite 237, Arlington, TX 76018
  • Forney, Texas: 713 W Broad St, Suite 200, Forney, TX 75126
  • McKinney, Texas: 4733 Medical Center Drive, McKinney, TX 75069
BasePoint Academy Dallas Facility Locations Map

What Is the Anger Management Therapy Treatment Admissions Process?

The admission process into an anger management therapy treatment center is designed to ensure your teenager receives customized support and treatment that promotes healing and sustainable recovery. While each program and facility may have different protocols for admission, this list includes general processes you can expect.

  • Initial Contact: The initial contact to BasePoint Academy can answer several of your questions. The admission counselor will verify your insurance coverage and can offer a free assessment over the phone. This assessment helps determine if your teenager may benefit from the customized treatment available at BasePoint Academy.
  • Assessment and Evaluation: If you, your teenager, and BasePoint Academy agree that treatment is an option, your teenager will undergo a more thorough medical and psychological evaluation. This is the basis of the treatment plan development that licensed mental health professionals customize to meet your teenager’s needs.
  • Admissions Coordination: BasePoint Academy admission specialists will coordinate your teenager’s outpatient admission, including orientation to the program, and introduction to the licensed counselors and customized treatment plan.
  • Active Participation in Treatment: Once admitted, your teenager is expected to actively participate in the treatment program, including all individual and group therapies. The licensed counselors involved in your teenagers’ treatment sessions will closely monitor their progress and adjust the treatment plan as necessary.
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How Much Does Teen Anger Treatment Cost With Insurance?

The cost of teen anger treatment varies widely and is dependent on several factors. Your final out of pocket cost is related to your health insurance policies deductible and copay. Although the Affordable Care Act mandates that all policies cover mental health conditions and substance use disorders, not all policies have the same benefits and limitations.

In addition to the policy limits, your health insurance will also have a deductible and copay. After meeting your health insurance policy deductible, the policy will begin to pay a percentage of the charges from BasePoint Academy. The remaining percentage is your responsibility and is called the insurance copay.

Anger Testing and Assessment for Teen Boys and Girls

Although you can find anger assessments online for teenage boys and girls, these can result in a false positive or false negative. In other words, they are not as accurate as working with a licensed mental health professional. Mental health assessments require years of education and training in the types of testing necessary and in interpreting the results of those tests.

You can receive a free assessment for your teenager through BasePoint Academy by calling our admission specialist at (972) 357-1749. While the first assessment is typically done over the phone, if you, your teenager, and BasePoint Academy believe that treatment at our facility will be helpful, your teenager will undergo a more thorough medical and psychological evaluation, forming the foundation of their customized treatment plan.

Statistics on Anger Issues in Teen Boys and Girls in Texas

  • A study by Harvard scientists of 10,148 adolescents estimates that nearly two-thirds of teenagers in the U.S. have a history of anger attacks. This is an increase from a Gallup Youth Survey in 2005 that showed 11% of teens get angry often, 49% get angry sometimes, and 37% said they rarely get angry.
  • One in 12 youths meets the criteria for a diagnosis of Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED), characterized by persistent anger attacks that are not explained by other mental health conditions.
  • Intermittent explosive Disorder is associated with the development of depression and substance abuse in later life.
  • A Harvard study showed that Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) is under-treated, with only 6.5% of 37.8% of adolescents receiving treatment specifically for anger.
  • A study of over 34,000 adults found that 7.8% of the population had inappropriate, intense, or poorly controlled anger.

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