Blue Cross Blue Shield Mental health Treatment for Teens in Dallas, Texas

Your health insurance policy must provide mental health and rehabilitation treatment to your beneficiaries, including your teenagers. The coverage details depend on several factors, including your policy, the level of care required, and whether BasePoint Academy is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The information in this guide can help answer the question – Does Blue Cross Blue Shield cover rehab?

BasePoint Academy May Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

At BasePoint Academy, we’re committed to the well-being of teenage boys and girls. Our facilities, based in Texas and surrounding Dallas – with locations in Arlington, Forney, and McKinney – provide a safe and understanding environment for adolescents grappling with mental health issues. We understand that dealing with teen depression, anxiety in adolescents, or behavioral disorders in teens can be overwhelming. That’s why we accept insurance for mental health treatment for teens, drug and alcohol rehab for teens, and dual diagnosis treatment for teens. Our aim is to ensure that everyone who needs help has access to our individualized, evidence-based care for conditions like attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in teens, teenage eating disorders, self-harm in adolescents, bipolar disorder in teens, teenage schizophrenia, substance abuse in teens, teenage mood disorders, and social anxiety in adolescents.

We also understand that financial considerations are crucial when seeking treatment. To ease this burden, BasePoint Academy may accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) insurance. We encourage you to contact us by phone or fill out our online form to find out your BCBS of Texas coverage levels for your teenage boy or girl. Remember, every step taken towards addressing adolescent mental health is a step towards a healthier, happier future for your child. At BasePoint Academy, we’re here to walk this journey with you, offering holistic care and supportive encouragement every step of the way.

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BasePoint Academy accepts most major insurance plans for mental health treatment, substance abuse, and dual diagnosis treatment for teens and adolescents, and may accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.

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Who is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a collaboration of 34 locally owned and operated companies. Today, the insurance company provides coverage to one out of every three Americans across the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Blue Cross Blue Shield also ensures over 5 million federal employees, retirees, and their families.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas provides private single and group insurance and administers Medicare Advantage Programs and Medicaid. The company has been active for more than 90 years in Texas, during which they have created alliances with local organizations to build healthy communities and foster health improvements. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 mandates that all health insurance plans offer mental health, behavioral health, and rehabilitation treatment as essential healthcare services.

What is Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage?

Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage is a portion of healthcare insurance that pays for all or a portion of mental health and substance use rehabilitation and recovery. Rehabilitation maximizes your teen’s potential to live, work, and learn, and is an essential part of healthcare. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield mental health and substance use rehab coverage varies depending on several factors. Most plans offer coverage for addiction recovery and mental health treatment as well as having resources available to find in-network treatment centers.

What Therapies Are Used In A Teen PHP Program?

Does BCBS of Texas Cover Mental Health Rehab for Teens?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) does typically cover mental health and substance abuse services for its members. Children can be covered through their parents’ policy until they are 25. Adolescent therapy and youth counseling are vital components of mental health recovery and are covered benefits under most plans. Blue Cross Blue Shield also maintains a list of teen mental health resources in Texas.

However, the specific coverage levels and approved treatments can vary depending on your plan. You can find out what treatment coverage is included as part of your BCBSTX plan by calling BasePoint Academy at (469) 702-8493

Does BCBS of Texas Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Teens?

Yes, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers drug and alcohol rehabilitation and addiction treatment for teens to support reentry to sobriety. The mental health programs at BasePoint Academy include relapse prevention, which helps teenagers stay connected to a support group using practical interventions to reduce addictive behaviors and mitigate triggers and cravings.

Approved Blue Cross Blue Shield alcohol rehab programs address the unique needs of teenagers including vacillating hormonal levels, biological changes associated with puberty, cognitive changes that allow them to think abstractly, and the myriad of other dramatic changes that occur during this period of growth and development. Approved Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab programs also address a teenager’s psychological and emotional well-being as well as withdrawal and substance use disorder triggers, and help teens develop a network that supports sobriety.

Does BCBS of Texas Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Teenagers?

Yes, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas covers dual diagnosis treatment for teenagers who have a substance use disorder and are diagnosed with a co-occurring mental health condition. These mental health conditions can include eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

These are also referred to as comorbid conditions that occur alongside a substance use disorder but do not necessarily cause the substance use disorder. Although challenging, treatment programs at BasePoint Academy specialize in appropriately supporting teens and treating both conditions simultaneously to reduce the potential for relapse.

Does BCBSTX Cover Therapy and Counseling for Teens?

Yes, most Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas policies cover counseling and therapy for teenagers. There are several types of counseling and talk therapy that help mitigate teenage challenges with mental health conditions that can be present alongside substance use disorders. Nearly all teens will be involved in individual therapy, during which they can speak with a licensed mental health professional one-on-one. 

Other types of talk therapy BasePoint Academy uses to treat mental health conditions and substance use disorders include family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, group therapy, and motivational interviewing. Each of these therapy and counseling sessions is integrated into a customized treatment program as necessary based on your teen’s needs.

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Treatment Centers for Teens That Take BCBS of Texas

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a large insurance company, which covers nearly one-third of Americans. There are several in-network outpatient treatment centers in Texas with Blue Cross Blue Shield. BasePoint Academy specializes in teen mental health and substance use disorder treatment and has three locations in Arlington, Forney, and McKinney, Texas.

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Treatment Programs Covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Teenagers have unique requirements for successful and sustainable recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas covers outpatient treatment programs to support the needs of adolescent psychology and teenage well-being. Only by addressing adolescent mental health issues and teaching teenage resilience can an outpatient program be truly successful.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Coverage

The coverage that Blue Cross Blue Shield offers for intensive outpatient programs (IOP) varies depending on your policy. Contact us at (469) 702-8493 to easily check your rehab coverage. An IOP offers daily mental health and behavioral health treatment alongside substance use treatment for preteens and teenage youth. Each program is customized to meet the unique needs of the individual.

BasePoint Academy offers treatment for mental health disorders, including stress, depression, PTSD, and anxiety in our IOP. Services include experiential therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and psychopharmacology to support recovery. IOP programs help teens who cannot concentrate at home or school, are being bullied, have developed negative sleeping or eating habits or persistent mood changes, and need more than once-a-week therapy to address their needs.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas offers coverage for partial hospitalization programs (PHP). However, that coverage varies depending on your policy. When you call BasePoint Academy, our admission specialist can verify your insurance coverage and set up a complimentary same day assessment so your teenager gets the help they need.

Our PHP offers teenagers mental and behavioral health treatment in a safe and structured environment without the need to check into a residential program. Our customized plans utilize evidence-based treatment programs from a holistic perspective. This comprehensive level of care allows your teen the opportunity to address the experiences that have triggered trauma, depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, and dual diagnosis. 

A PHP is a 5-day-a-week program, operating Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.. Throughout the day, the teen engages in individual therapy, educational counseling, skills training, and group therapy to help navigate the teen years, which are a vulnerable time for mental and behavioral Health.

What Risk Factors Lead To Teen Suicide?

Disorders Covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas for Adolescents

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas covers mental health and substance use disorder treatment for adolescents and youth. Within the variety of treatment plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield covers treatment for depression, anxiety, and dual diagnosis treatment. These are examples and not a full list of disorders covered.

BCBS of Texas Coverage for Teen Depression Treatment

During a time in life when hormones are unbalanced and social pressures are great, teens are facing pressures from academics, sports, and their peers. Each of these can trigger symptoms of depression in your teen. BasePoint Academy customizes treatment plans to avoid worsening symptoms and develop long-term sustainable healing and recovery. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers coverage for depression treatment. The benefits are dependent on your policy. When you call BasePoint Academy, we can verify your insurance and identify your out-of-pocket costs. We recognize that every teenager is different but several common risk factors contribute to the development of teenage depression. It’s crucial that you don’t ignore the symptoms that something is wrong. 

BCBS of Texas Coverage for Teen Anxiety Treatment

Data from the National Comorbidity Survey Adolescent Supplement reveals between 31.4% and 32.3% of adolescents aged 13 to 18 years experience some type of anxiety disorder. Symptoms can include excessive worry, unrealistic expectations, irritability, chest pain, recurring fears, and substance use. It is the goal of our licensed mental health professionals to help your teen overcome these challenges.

Without proper treatment, anxiety disorders can develop into more serious mental health conditions. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas offers coverage for anxiety treatment based on the benefits outlined in your policy. Understanding insurance jargon can be challenging. The easiest way to verify your insurance policy and understand your benefits is to call BasePoint Academy at (469) 702-8493.

BCBS of Texas Coverage for Teen Trauma Treatment

Evidence-based trauma treatment programs help mitigate the aftereffects of a traumatic event. Trauma can have lasting effects on mental health and emotional well-being. These events can include the loss of a loved one, abuse and neglect, bullying, and accidents, to name a few. We understand that parents sometimes need help with teenagers who are coping and healing from trauma.

Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas covers treatment for teen trauma, including intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs. The extent of coverage and your out-of-pocket costs vary depending on your policy. While your insurance company can provide you with information about your benefits, understanding insurance jargon and policy limitations can be challenging. The easiest way to understand your teen’s treatment options and your out-of-pocket expenses is to call Base Point Academy at (469) 702-8493.

BCBS of Texas Coverage for Teen Substance Use Disorders Treatment

Teens respond best to evidence-based and holistic addiction treatment designed to address their unique life-stage challenges. A substance use disorder is a mental health condition that places a teen at risk of an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances. This has a negative impact on school performance and results in emotional outbursts and broken relationships.

Your Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance policy is mandated to provide coverage for substance use disorder treatment. However, the level of coverage varies depending on your policy, the treatment ordered, and whether the facility is in-network. Although you can receive information directly from your insurance company, understanding the limitations on your benefits and the criteria that must be met to have treatment authorized can be challenging. The best way to verify your insurance coverage is to call BasePoint Academy.

BCBS of Texas Coverage for Teen Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The term “dual diagnosis” is used to indicate someone struggling with a substance use disorder alongside a co-occurring mental health condition. These mental health challenges can include anxiety, depression, PTSD, and eating disorders. The presence of a dual diagnosis requires an experienced mental health professional for effective treatment. 

These are challenging obstacles for your teen and family, but at BasePoint Academy, there is a path to safe recovery. Blue Cross Blue Shield in Texas helps to cover treatment for dual diagnosis at in-network facilities and within the limitations of your policy. It can be challenging to independently verify your insurance coverage and understand your policy limits. The easiest way to determine if therapy for dual diagnosis is covered, and for how long, is to call BasePoint Academy at (469) 702-8493.


How To Check My Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Coverage Levels in Texas

The ACA mandates all health insurance policies offer coverage for mental health treatment and substance use disorders. However, the level of coverage, limitations on your benefits, and the types of therapies covered can vary depending on your policy. Contact BasePoint Academy at (469) 702-8493 to gain a better understanding of your policy benefits and limits. 

We are familiar with parents asking “How much is rehab with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance?” If you’d rather, you can also reach out for help using our contact form and someone from our team will get back to you. After verifying your insurance coverage and understanding your potential out-of-pocket costs, you may also request a complimentary same-day assessment.

How To Get Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab To Pay For Addiction Recovery

The first step to getting Blue Cross Blue Shield to pay for addiction recovery for your teen is to understand your policy benefits and limits. BasePoint Academy can verify your insurance coverage and determine if prior authorization is required for your policy. This means the insurance company must authorize treatment before your teen receives treatment or they will not pay. 

Prior authorization documentation can include a physical and mental evaluation by a licensed mental health professional and medical letters of necessity from your teen’s therapist and primary care physician. BasePoint Academy can determine what’s needed and help guide gathering this paperwork so your teen can receive the full benefits under your policy.

How Many Times Will Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay For Teen Recovery Treatment?

How many Blue Cross Blue Shield will cover recovery treatment depends on your policy limits, which can include the number of therapies per year or a lifetime limit. Recovery is an essential health benefit and must be included in your health insurance policy. Blue Cross Blue Shield covers outpatient treatment for adolescents and teenagers. Depending on your policy, it can also cover aftercare. 

Teen Mental Health and Substance Abuse Statistics in Texas

  • According to Texas Health and Human Services, roughly 50% of mental health disorders begin in children at age 14. With a growing diverse population of teens in Texas, there’s also a growing need for cultural awareness in healthcare. Mental health issues have an intense influence on academic achievement, physical health, and emotional well-being. 
  • Data from Mental Health America show Texas has a high number of youth with mental illness. In 2022, 14.6% of teens aged 12 to 17 reported at least one major depressive episode (MDE) in the past year. 
  • Adolescent depression is more likely to persist through adulthood if it is left untreated. Roughly 9.7% of teens in Texas reported a severe MDE and 3.49% reported a substance use disorder. In Texas, 73.1% of all teens with MDE did not receive help.
  • According to the National Alliance on Mental Health Illness – Texas, 1 in 6 youths aged 6 to 17 have a mental health disorder and 314,000 aged 12 to 17 have depression. 
  • Co-occurring conditions with substance use include hepatitis C and the sexually transmitted diseases gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.

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