Dallas Family Therapy At BasePoint Academy

Not Just For Teens But For Families

Family Therapy For Healing and Restoration

At BasePoint Academy, we believe everyone deserves a safe space to work through the challenges and difficulties of life. Our expert providers and family therapists work from a collaborative and strengths-based approach to foster positive engagement.

Our highly-qualified and experienced therapists and counselors believe this treatment strategy is the most effective way to assist and support patients to be the author of their own lives and for each family system to learn to work in harmony. Treatment for Family Therapy sessions will range from forms of talk therapy to strategic and structural therapeutic modalities.

Understanding The Benefits of Family Therapy

Families and teens who find themselves struggling may need family counseling. Our therapists know how to navigate family dynamics to facilitate healing.

Our Family Therapy sessions are helpful for patients and families struggling with anxiety, depression, open communication, grief, disruptive behaviors, neglect, parenting issues, relationship problems, self-esteem issues, and trauma.

We offer family counseling services for every type of family group, from traditional to LGBTQIA+ or transgender to blended families of any age group or need. 

Our family counseling approach is designed to provide parents and patients with an independent, third-party mental health professional or therapist who won’t make any assumptions or claims.

The goal is to open up healthy communication channels to foster transparency, trust, and a renewed closeness.

Attending Family Therapy With Teens and Other Family Members in Dallas TX

At BasePoint Academy, we specialize in adolescent care. However, we realize they do not operate in life with full autonomy, and it is often necessary or beneficial to integrate other family members.

It’s an opportunity for parents and teens to discuss progress, goals, and obstacles.

In some cases, this is an additional challenge, especially when there is an element of family conflict or relationship problems already in existence. We take care to ensure the patient receives personalized, individual sessions in addition to treatment with the entire family.

We strive to work collaboratively and efficiently to benefit each individual and achieve the best possible outcome. We also allow visits from siblings and attendance in Family Therapy sessions if approved by the therapist and necessary for treatment.

What Does Dallas Family Therapy Look Like At BasePoint Academy?

As most adults can tell you, family conflict is likely to have a wide impact across our entire lives. You or your family could experience problems in the school or workplace environment.

Our collaborative and strengths-based approach to family counseling is a long-term strategy. We seek to help families and teens make progress and work through negative family dynamics throughout the course of treatment at BasePoint Academy.

It takes time, courage, and trust for some to open up about family issues. Our approach to family therapy is designed to give time for concerns to arise and for members to resolve conflict openly while in a safe space.

During each 45 to 60-minute session, families will be given the opportunity to identify communication and relational obstacles. Sessions provide space for teens, parents, and families to process the obstacles that are interfering with the harmony and healing of their family unit and interpersonal relationships.

Why Choose BasePoint For Teen & Family Therapy In Dallas, Texas

Our specialty is adolescent mental health treatment and dual diagnosis treatment services. This makes us uniquely positioned to provide effective family therapy for teens experiencing mental health challenges, dual diagnosis or substance abuse, or significant life changes.

A qualified and experienced family therapist will be a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate (LPC-A), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW). Our therapists will assist patients and families to see and heal what they cannot see and heal on their own. Together, they can help the family unit navigate the challenges they face more smoothly and effectively.

If you’re a teen facing tumultuous life changes, mental health issues, significant transitions, or a dual diagnosis, we’re here to help you heal and recover. Our Family Therapy services are an integral component for both our PHP and IOP levels of care. Each teen’s family therapy experience is designed to help the family unit overcome negative family dynamics and work together to establish lasting stability through greater personal understanding and growth.

Family therapy offers a more holistic approach to the adolescent experience by integrating more family members to create a hybrid group therapy, both in-person and telehealth online therapy. Our team of mental health professionals, counselors, licensed care providers, and family therapists offers a comprehensive treatment opportunity for teens and families alike to work out family issues and heal together.

Bring The Entire Family. Heal and Grow Together. Restore Harmony.

When You Want The Best Family Therapist In Dallas, Texas, You Need BasePoint Academy

Family Therapy isn’t always easy but choosing the right Family Therapist can be simple. You and your loved one deserve a fresh start. Learn more about BPA’s Family Therapy component in Dallas by reaching out to the BasePoint team today.
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