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Experiences Define Our Life And Who We Are.

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Our teens often experience too much in too short a time. Their lives are plagued by constant change, mounting social pressures, and physiological turmoil. When struggling with mental health challenges or substance abuse, these life issues become increasingly difficult to navigate. They experience conflicting desires and negative emotions, or behavioral disorders.

Experiential Therapy is the Road to Healing

Experiential Therapy work enables patients in individual therapy, group therapy, as well as family therapy to view past experiences from a new perspective. To engage with events in their life in a healthy and positive way while addressing their inner thoughts and emotions with new skills and coping techniques.

Overcome The Past. Enjoy The Present. Secure The Future.

What Is Experiential Therapy?

Experiential Therapy is an active participation therapy that’s more interactive than traditional talk therapy, teen psychology, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). It requires the patient to physically engage in an activity or creative pursuit while also engaging the mind.

The evidence-based experiential approach helps patients to address thoughts and emotions around past events and establish healthier processing patterns. This process enables the patient to overcome emotional triggers related to past experiences by associating a new experience with the memory, thought, or emotion.

What Does Experiential Therapy Treat?

Experiential Therapy can help with a broad range of mental health and dual diagnosis treatment plans by creating a different perspective on past experiences. It’s effective at treating mood disorders, behavioral disorders, stress disorders such as PTSD, and substance use recovery.

At BasePoint Academy, we’ve also seen success with Experiential Therapy in treating behavior disorders, anger management, secondary eating disorders, and emotional processing disorders. Creating a new perspective on a past experience helps patients overcome emotional conflicts, and they begin to feel safe once again.

How Does Experiential Therapy Work?

Experiential Therapy work is critical for patients who require a hands-on approach to their treatment and healing. The various forms of Experiential Therapy use expressive tools that are different from traditional talk therapy. In Experiential Therapy sessions, patients develop new skills and increase their ability to navigate memories, thoughts, and emotions.

Using evidence-based experiential techniques, our skilled therapists will work alongside each patient to facilitate a deeper personal awareness and a healthier way to cope with the past.

Bipolar Disorder

Types of Experiential Therapy

There are several effective therapeutic modalities and treatment options that comprise the field of Experiential Therapy. At BasePoint Academy, we’re proud to offer a wide range of therapies to treat behavioral and mental health disorders and help patients re-experience their past in a healthy way.

FAQS RELATED TO Experiential Therapy in Dallas

Experienced therapy practices are the industry-leading treatment for mental health issues and substance abuse. Therapy is a proven and evidence-based intervention to help teens build resiliency and establish lasting change.

Outdoor activities associated with adventure therapy include rock climbing, nature walks, yoga and movement. Patients in Music Therapy will listen and play music and in Drama Therapy patients engage in role playing and have the opportunity to re-enact a past event. Animal assisted therapy involves engaging with animals like horses in Equine Therapy.
A skilled experiential therapist will encourage the patient to face issues and explore their inner thoughts and emotions. They will not push potential solutions but rather empower the patient to discover them on their own.

At BasePoint Academy, we’re specially equipped to serve teens who are struggling with a myriad of mental health, substance abuse, or behavioral disorders.

We’re also here for their families and offer practical and experiential family therapy to help facilitate healthy communication and interpersonal effectiveness.

The term experiential refers to something that was lived through or physically done, rather than talked about or imagined.

Experiential therapy helps teens to resolve past conflict, navigate deep personal trauma, and address repressed emotions. Our teen patients learn practical problem-solving and coping skills to cultivate healthy relationships and navigate triggering situations safely.

Experiential psychotherapy involves several different types of hands-on activities. Each activity will vary depending on the therapy in use. Some activities include role-playing, listening to, playing, and writing music, artistic pursuits, and outdoor exploration.

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At BasePoint Academy, we strive to provide a safe environment to help patients discover personal resiliency and long-term healing. We can help.