Group Therapy For Anxiety, Depression & Addiction in Dallas

Peer Support and Skill Building For Teens Struggling With Anxiety, Depression & Addiction

Group Therapy Sessions For Teens: Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Mental Health Services

Dual Diagnosis and mental health challenges often coexist for the adolescent population. While parental intervention is necessary and essential for a teen’s recovery process, there may be additional underlying challenges at work. If this is the case, professional assistance may be required.

Often spoken of as a negative influence, peer pressure can also work positively in a young person’s life. This is one of the foundational principles of group therapy sessions. Here, the pressure is positive and self-driven but inspired by supportive group dynamics.

At BasePoint Academy, we’re committed to working alongside teens and families to identify their specific triggers regarding mental health and/or substance use/dual diagnosis challenges. Based on our findings, we will develop a comprehensive treatment plan for individual therapy and group therapy sessions to foster sustainable sobriety and personal stability.

What Is Group Therapy?

A group therapy treatment program is a form of group counseling that has proven highly effective with teens. Those participating in group therapy sessions will benefit over a long-term period of time as they develop new skills and habits and experience intellectual and emotional growth.

Group therapy provides an open and safe space to address and process behavioral health concerns in a group setting. This form of effective therapy takes place in a supportive group environment where life-changing treatment is directed towards improving the health and wellness of one person.

Support groups require the patient to participate in interpersonal process groups with other group members. These support groups consist of a group leader and other group members in addition to the patient. Group sessions are developed by an experienced group therapist.

Our support groups are attended by group members who have no existing connection outside of the group therapy setting. The various modalities of group therapies include Behavioral Therapy, group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group Psychotherapy, and coping and interpersonal skill development groups.

What Teen Group Therapy Sessions Look Like At BasePoint

Our qualified group therapists have designed our teen group therapy sessions to be a safe space for discussing topics that are often difficult or undesirable. We give our teens and patients the opportunity to participate in group discussions, develop strong interpersonal skills, practice coping skills, and receive relapse prevention training.

These sessions can function as psychoeducational groups where participants receive group treatment in a like-minded and supportive environment. Some of our group treatment modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Experiential Therapy, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

While every patient’s journey is different, we have seen the benefits of group therapy impact the lives of teens exponentially. We believe group therapy is an essential part of a teen’s treatment process and is a standard element of our treatment improvement protocol.

Our goal is to equip and guide our teens to develop resiliency by implementing the effective coping strategies they need to safely navigate the treatment process in a healthy and sustainable fashion. Our evidence-based treatment practices have been designed for each patient to get the most out of individual therapy as well as group treatment.

How Group Therapy Helps Patients With Anxiety Disorder, Depression & Addiction

The mental and behavioral health industry both rely on group therapy as part of anxiety disorder treatment and the holistic wellness treatment process. For teen patients struggling with various behavioral health and mental health problems, BasePoint remains one of the best treatment centers in Dallas and the state of Texas.

We’re here to help you or your teen address and overcome mental health challenges that range from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, social anxiety, panic disorders, panic attacks, and other anxiety symptoms that negatively affect the daily lives of teens, including experiencing low self-esteem, depression, and ADD or ADHD.

Our group therapy and mental health services are also a good fit for dual diagnosis and substance abuse or navigating significant life challenges, such as parent-child conflicts, processing grief, relocation, parental divorce, and past teen trauma.

At BasePoint, we want to see young people blossom into adults who can function and thrive at their highest level of potential.

We aim to facilitate their whole-person, long-term healing and recovery process to improve your teen’s quality of life and improve their effectiveness in social situations with targeted social skills.

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Group Therapy And Social Anxiety Disorder

Apprehension about attending a group therapy session is a natural concern for someone suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder, social phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, or agoraphobia. While they will also attend an individual therapy sessions throughout the treatment process, the group setting is a highly valuable facet of healing and recovery.

Our teen patients will engage in mindfulness practices and strengthen their coping skills in a supportive and safe group environment. They will role-play real-life scenarios to sharpen their skills and prepare for reintegration into their daily lives. These forms of psychotherapy restructuring equip patients to face their fears in a safe, healthy, and sustainable way.

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