BasePoint Academy in Texas, is a facility dedicated to helping pre-teens and teens work on challenges with anxiety, substance abuse, behavior issues, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other lifes challenges. Our team is dedicated to providing the teens who come to our facility with compassionate, skilled, and dedicated care in a safe environment.

Dedication and experience

It’s hard to be a teenager! Adolescence introduces many challenges, and this season of exciting change, growth, and freedom brings with it accompanying stressors and choices. Add to this the increased screen exposure and social media culture, and today’s generation of adolescents are facing a unique set of demands. It can be painful as a parent to see your child struggle through this important transitional phase of development. Good kids struggle. Good families struggle. BasePoint Academy can help.

BasePoint Academy helps teens facing any of adolescent’s stressors. From behavioral issues to substance use, our programs offer support to teens facing any mental health issue. BasePoint’s skilled professionals provide care for teens in a structured outpatient setting. Teens benefit from this model as they can learn behavioral and coping skills in a trusting environment during the day, and then return home to their families and support systems in the evening.

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Treat people as if they were what the ought to be and you will help them become what they are capable of being.

– Daniel J. Siegel