Improving Quality Of Life For Anxious Teens | Expert Teen Anxiety Treatment In Forney, TX

Improving Quality Of Life For Anxious Teens

Access to expert teen-focused treatment is right here in central Texas. BasePoint Academy is a teen-specific treatment center specializing in teen anxiety, depression, trauma, and co-occurring disorders. Our program was created after a personal family tragedy and was designed to fill the critical gap in teen mental health treatment.

Offering multiple levels of care, we’re committed to partnering with teens and families and offering only the highest levels of treatment, counseling, and support. It is BasePoint Academy’s mission to facilitate accessible and evidence-based behavioral healthcare for our teen patients and their families. 

By administering our signature treatment approach to teen mental health treatment, we will ignite each patient’s innate capacity to heal. Throughout the treatment process, teens will develop a strong sense of autonomy and establish personal resiliency. This will better equip them to face any number of challenges they may face in life or each day.

Every element of our evidence-based treatment program is intricately structured based on the framework of our core values: compassion, respect, integrity, innovation, collaboration, and commitment. This is how we do everything we do.

At BasePoint Academy, we offer teens compassionate, individualized care, academic support, holistic and effective interventions, and highly experienced providers. We can help you or your teen address and safely navigate their struggle with depression.

Treating Teen Anxiety: Teen Mental Health Services, Forney, TX

According to The National Institute of Mental Health, it is estimated that just under 40% of teens have an anxiety disorder. Of that 40%, over 8% experience severe impairment due to the severity of their anxiety symptoms.[1]

Teen anxiety can lead to serious alterations in how they learn, act, and govern their impulses and emotions. These impairments can lead to ongoing distress and difficulty in other areas of life.[2]

BasePoint Academy’s teen anxiety treatment programs offer evidence-based interventions administered by psychiatric, therapeutic, and clinical providers who are passionate about adolescent mental health.

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Customized Treatment Plans

Each patient’s experience with anxiety is unique. At BasePoint Academy, our treatment team will create specific and individualized treatment plans for treating teen anxiety that is molded to each patient’s unique needs.

Individual Therapy: Teen Anxiety Treatment

Based on each patient’s custom treatment plan, they will attend a number of talk and experiential therapy sessions. These one-on-one sessions are modified at the discretion of the provider in order to meet each patient’s individual needs.

Some of our holistic therapies include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy /
    Person-Centered Therapy
  • Mindfulness or Systems Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Trust-Based Relational Intervention

The BasePoint Academy Resiliency Program

The principles of resiliency speak to how effectively any teen can bounce back after facing difficulty. Intentionally developing resiliency skills are a critical component of treating teen anxiety. Our immersive treatment experience teaches valuable coping skills that will help them safely navigate potential triggers and manage anxiety symptoms. 

Medication Management For Teen Anxiety Treatment 

Anxiety comes with a host of physical and psychological symptoms that, at first, can be difficult to manage with therapy alone. Some individualized treatment plans may include anti-anxiety medications to help teens manage their symptoms. Our treatment team will assist with medication schedules, dosage, tracking side effects, and following their progress.

Academic Support During Teen Mental Health Treatment

Many parents and teens are concerned about maintaining academic progress while participating in mental health treatment. The BasePoint Academy treatment program specializes in recovery without sacrificing academic progress. We work closely with local education counselors and advocates to create attainable academic plans for each student. 

Family Therapy: Creating A Support System For Your Teen

Teen anxiety can be difficult not only for the patient before the family. At BasePoint Academy, we are committed to being a resource to both parents and teens as a unit throughout the treatment process.

Group Therapy: Teen Mental Health Facility, Forney, TX

Peer pressure isn’t always negative. Every teen who participates in our treatment programs will also take part in group therapy. Here, they will find a circle of peers who can encourage one another and support each other in healing and recovery.

Teen Patient Successes

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From Dallas/Ft Worth Airport

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  1. Get on International Pkwy
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  3. Take the TX-352 exit from US-80 E
  4. Get on US-80 E in Kaufman County
  5. Continue on US-80 E. Drive to W Broad St in Forney. 
  6. Take the Broad St exit from US-80 E
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  4. Follow W Broad St to your destination


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