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Anxiety Triggers for Teens and Making a Safe Space

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Raising a teenager isn’t easy. Between teen crushes, acne, grades, clothing, and social circles; dealing with the day-to-day life of a teenager is tiresome. Many parents think that since they were once teenagers that they can help their own teen children navigate the choppy waters of teen life in America. It isn’t always that easy or cut and dry.  The world is a different place from when you were a teenager and the biggest change is social media. The majority of problems teens face these days typically stem from the use of social media, where online bullies run rampant. BasePoint Academy wants you to understand the anxiety triggers teens experience and how you can help them make a safe space at home.

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Academic Stress

We will discuss social media as an anxiety trigger for teens but one trigger that tops the list with social media is academic stress. Teens constantly worry about their grades, test scores, college admissions, and what they plan to do after high school if they aren’t going to college. Many teens still enter the workforce following high school matriculation, while others choose to serve their country in the military. All of these decisions play a major role in the anxiety your teen suffers from daily.

Social Media and Social Groups

A teen will place a high value on their social life. The majority of their waking hours are spent among their peers (school, after school clubs and sports, work, hanging out, etc.).

Keeping these social groups intact throughout high school and even in the early years of college is not easy. Everyone goes their separate ways after high school, friendships dissipate, and your teen will meet new people. Social media is another anxiety trigger for teens. Peer pressure has never been greater with the advent of social media.

Social Media and Social Groups for Teens

The pressure to bully other teens, take part in illicit activities and more runs rampant because of social media. There’s also the pressure for teens to appear to have the ‘perfect’ life with what they post on their social media accounts even if what goes on behind the scenes at home isn’t so perfect.

Family Problems

What goes on at home can also be a trigger for teen anxiety. The issues your family faces can put a lot of stress on your teen even though he or she doesn’t have to deal with them directly (make decisions for the family). Common family problems that trigger teen anxiety include the following:

  • Financial troubles
  • Sibling rivalries
  • Family members suffering from illnesses
  • Unrealistic expectations set by the parents or the teen themselves
  • Marital problems
  • Discussing their sexual identity with their parents
Family Problems

Significant Changes in the Teen’s Life

If your family has made significant changes recently, your teenager could be triggered by those changes and suffer from anxiety. Common significant changes include:

  • Divorce
  • Becoming a blended family
  • Moving
  • Changing schools

Suffering a Traumatic Loss or Other Event

The death of a parent at a young age for a teen is devastating. The same goes when a teen loses a friend, grandparent, or other loved one due to a tragic accident or illness. Teens who face verbal or physical abuse will likely suffer from anxiety. Teen dating is not easy either. Roughly 10 percent of teens experience teen dating violence.

Suffering a Traumatic Loss or Other Event

Making a Safe Space in the Home

An excellent way for your teen to deal with anxiety is to make a safe space in the home. A great place for this is their bedroom. If you have to redo their bedroom to make this happen, make sure that your teen has input and helps with the redesign of their bedroom. This alone can help them relieve some of their stress.

Select a corner of their room to make a safe space. Buy them a comfortable chair, a table, and a journal. Make sure they can listen to soothing music and encourage them to write in the journal at least once per day while sitting in the chair. When your teen has a safe space at home it will be easier for them to deal with their anxiety.

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