Everything You Need To Know About Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP Treatment) 

A partial hospitalization program provides therapy and counseling that helps teens regulate their moods and behavior to accomplish their recovery goals better. PHP’s are an appropriate next level of care for teens discharging from an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization or as a cost-effective next step for teens who have completed a residential program for a mental […]

Teen Depression: Identifying The Causes, Symptoms, And Treatments

We are learning how misunderstood adult clinical depression is in adults. Teen depression is even more misconstrued. More often than not, it is mistaken for hormonal changes. We attribute it to “teen angst”. When we ignore the signs, teen depression can often lead to substance abuse and other dangerous behaviors. Rather than ignoring it, we […]

Teen Vaping: What Parents Need To Know

What Is Vaping? Vaping is the process of inhaling vapor or steam produced when a battery-driven, fireless heating element heats a glycerin-based liquid. It may contain nicotine or legal levels of cannabidiol (CBD). As vaping does not require fire or doesn’t include actively burning a substance, many people believe that to be safer than regular cigarette […]

Skills for Coping with Teenage Depression

Teenage depression is on the rise, and a lot of factors contribute to this situation. From academic stressors, peer pressure, family and societal issues, to hormones and body changes, the adolescent mind is highly susceptible to stress which can often lead to the development of depressive symptoms. So it’s really important for teens and their […]

Anxiety Triggers for Teens and Making a Safe Space

Raising a teenager isn’t easy. Between teen crushes, acne, grades, clothing, and social circles; dealing with the day-to-day life of a teenager is tiresome. Many parents think that since they were once teenagers that they can help their own teen children navigate the choppy waters of teen life in America. It isn’t always that easy […]

How Teens React to Anxiety and Stress

Stress is ubiquitous in a fast-paced modern life and is something that all young adults will experience at one time or another. What may be less known, however, is that young adults contend with a tremendous range of stress that can rival the stress levels experienced by adults. How teens react to anxiety and stress […]