Bryan Gray

BreakThrough by BasePoint is a PHP/IOP program designed for Young Adults

Offering in-person or virtual services, treating both Mental Health and Dual-Diagnoses, and In-network with most major commercial insurances. 

Bryan Gray, LPC-A for BreakThrough by Basepoint, our Emerging Adult Day Program

Who is Bryan Gray?

Bryan, an LPC-Associate Supervised by Rochelle Schutte, NCC LPC-S, is an incredible person and clinician. He is high energy, kind, hard working, and intentional. He approaches every patient with much care and individuality to meet them where they are at in life.

He gives every patient that he serves his 110% and goes above and beyond to collaborate with the treatment team to make sure the patients are being cared for in all services.

He has a huge heart for young adults and has been counting down the day to serve this population.

Hear Directly From Bryan

“In reality, I’m just like you. I go through my own challenges, have my own perceived imperfections, and I am genuinely human. I’ve learned from my own struggles and experiences, and I’m here to use that knowledge to help you navigate through tough times.”

BasePoint's Core Values


BASEPOINT's Vision Statement

To become the statewide leader in outpatient behavioral health services.
To be an employer and provider of choice by creating a team-oriented culture.
To continue maintaining, developing, and implementing innovative treatment modalities.
To partner with insurers, teaching institutions, health systems, and local communities.
To increase access to affordable healthcare and decrease the stigma of seeking treatment.