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At Basepoint Academy, We Believe Everyone Has A Voice

Integrative Treatment and Holistic Behavioral Health For Teens

National Emergency For Teen Behavioral Healthcare Calls For Innovative Data-Informed Treatment

National Emergency for Teen Behavioral Healthcare Calls For Innovative Data-Informed Treatment

One in seven teenagers experience a mental health disorder, [1] and three-quarters of teens seventeen and under have depression disorder as well as anxiety disorder. Even more troubling is that nearly half of them also have behavior problems. [2] It’s no wonder the nation’s leading pediatric groups declared a national emergency in children’s mental health in 2021.

Our founders had first-hand and personal exposure to dealing with the adolescent behavioral and mental health field and recognized the importance of utilizing comprehensive and consistent metrics to inform the development of BPA’s treatment process.

BasePoint Academy’ Mission:

To bring accessible, understandable, and evidence-based behavioral healthcare to our patients and their families.

Our Core Values


Our Vision Statement

To become the statewide leader in outpatient behavioral health services.
To be an employer and provider of choice by creating a team-oriented culture.
To continue maintaining, developing, and implementing innovative treatment modalities.
To partner with insurers, teaching institutions, health systems, and local communities.
To increase access to affordable healthcare and decrease the stigma of seeking treatment.

Hallmarks of BasePoint Academy

Individualized, Teen-Centered Treatment Plans and Therapeutic Modalities
Individualized, Teen-Centered Treatment Plans and Therapeutic Modalities
Depth of Care VS Breadth of Care
Depth of Care VS Breadth of Care
Servant-Leadership Style
Servant-Leadership Style
Academic Support During Treatment
Academic Support During Treatment

Patient-Focused Behavioral Health For Teens

We’ve been in the behavioral health and dual diagnosis treatment space for a combined 50 years. What we have found is a significant disparity in access to treatment designed for teens.

While many mental health providers can offer standard treatment for young people, what about teen-centric, adolescent-focused care and support? Wouldn’t that be more effective?

What about relevant and innovative programs that address the experience of the modern-day teen? What about therapeutic modalities explicitly proven to be effective for young people? What about academic support during daily medical and psychiatric care?

Where were these necessary core facets of adolescent care and counseling for teens in the greater Dallas region?

Now, they’re at BasePoint Academy.

At BasePoint Academy, our teen intensive outpatient program was designed to specifically address the unique challenges that today’s teens are facing in mental health and substance use. That’s why we’ve created a dynamic program to address the multifaceted and complex teen experience that is unlike any generation before it.

With Our Servant Leadership Model, We're Going Against The Status Quo Of Adolescent Behavioral Healthcare To Facilitate Better Patient Outcomes.

BasePoint's Promise To Teen Patients and Their Families

More Than Just A Treatment Center, We’re A Solution

For teens struggling with substance abuse, our team is here to help you recover safely and with dignity.

For those battling mild or severe mental health issues like depression, PTSD, or anxiety, we see you, and we’ll hear you.

For teens crushed by mounting pressures and unrealistic expectations, it’s okay to let go.

Our support network is experienced and compassionate to ensure the highest level of care and safety. It’s okay to give yourself space to heal. And now you can do so in a peaceful and distraction-free environment set on a clear path to recovery.

The journey to a peaceful recovery starts here. Will you start today?



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