Signs of Depression in Teenage Girls

Depression in Teenage Girls

Battling depression can be difficult for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. However, over the years, there has been a rise in depression, specifically among adolescents, as they navigate pre-adulthood and the pressures that come with it. Among this group, teenage girls are almost twice as likely to develop depression than boys. While it […]

What Is Loneliness? How To Identify and Address The Signs Of Loneliness In Teens

What Is Loneliness

What Are The Signs and Symptoms Of Loneliness? Loneliness in teens can be mislabeled as other things, such as antisocial behavior, depression, or anxiety. Common symptoms of loneliness include a desire to be with their parents or guardian all the time, exhibiting negative behavior for attention, being easily distracted, and having a small social circle. […]

Treating Teenage Depression: What Does It Look Like?

Treating Teenage Depression: What Does It Look Like?

Depression in children and teens can be a scary prospect for them and their families. But it can be treated with the right therapy, counseling, and medication management interventions. Depression treatment that is specifically designed for teenagers can help restore the balance in your teen’s life and your family, increase their personal sense of well-being, […]

What Is Meant By Endogenous Depression?

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Did you know that most teens with depression aren’t receiving any treatment for the condition? There are a lot of reasons why teens aren’t getting the mental health treatments [1] they need and deserve. Some of it is a misunderstanding. After all, a lot of us grow up being told that getting the teenage blues […]

What Is Depression?

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These days, many people are talking about mental health and different mental health disorders and discussing things like what is depression? [1] That’s a good thing! But it also means that there can be a lot of misinformation out there about different disorders, what they look like, and how they can affect the people who […]

What Is Situational Depression?

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One of the hardest things to understand about depression is that it can be both something that is caused by a situation and something that is caused by abnormal function in your brain and body. Both types of depression are valid, and it can often be hard to tell what you’re dealing with in the […]

What Is Unipolar Depression


While most people have at least some idea what depression is, one of the things that are still missing from our general discussion about mental health and depression specifically is that there is more than one form of depression. These different kinds of depression require various forms of treatment and responses from the people around […]

What Does SIGECAPS Mean?

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SIGECAPS is not a name commonly heard, but if you’ve been researching depression for you or someone you know, you may have come across the term. This useful mnemonic tool is one of the go-to ways to evaluate symptoms of depression and other mental health disorders, but it can also be useful for parents and […]

What Is Chronic Depression?

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Chronic depression [1] can sound like a frightening disorder, but it’s important to understand what chronic depression is and isn’t, especially if you know or suspect that your teen might be dealing with the disorder. Unfortunately, the media, especially media made about or for teenagers, can get a lot of things wrong when it comes to […]

How To Deal With High-Functioning Depression

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Being a teenager is hard enough, but it’s even harder if you’re dealing with something like high functioning depression. Unfortunately, many teens that are dealing with depression get missed because they fall into a category that’s a little different from typical depression, high functioning depression [1]. Families should know that there is more than one […]