Signs Of Bipolar Depression In Teens

bipolar depression in teens

Bipolar depression is a mood disorder in which people experience severe mood swings that alternate between bouts of depression and episodes of mania. It can be difficult to correctly diagnose mood disorders in teens because they often struggle with other mental health issues such as anxiety and eating disorders. Signs of bipolar depression often emerge […]

How Families With Depressed Teens Can Cope

families with depressed teens

It can be challenging for families of teens with depression to accept that someone they love and care about is suffering. Not only do families struggle with knowing how to respond to a depressed teenager, but they can also feel inadequate or triggered in some way by the situation. If a teenager in your life […]

What Depression In Teen Girls Looks Like

depression in teen girls

Depression in teen girls can sometimes present itself very differently than in teen boys. This can be a result of upbringing or the pressures of society and gender identity. Even now, as our society is changing its views on gender roles, it can create depressive disorders as teens are figuring out their place in the […]

Body Image And Teen Depression: How They Are Linked

body image and teen depression

Becoming a teenager is a challenging transition for many. Not only are teens learning to navigate new social and academic responsibilities, but their bodies are also going through rapid changes, which can be difficult to adjust to. It is normal to feel awkward and have mixed feelings about these changes, which come at a time […]

How Necessary Is Medication For Bipolar Depression?

medication for bipolar depression

What Is Bipolar Depression? Bipolar Depression is a mental health condition that causes dramatic mood swings including episodes of depression or mania. The emotional highs are referred to as manic episodes, and the emotional lows are known as depressive episodes. There are four different kinds of bipolar depression, and they each have different symptoms, patterns, […]

What Depression In Teen Boys Looks Like

depression in teen boys

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects people of all ages and backgrounds, including teenage boys. In recent years, speaking about this important topic has become more common, but it’s important to realize that depression in teen boys is different than for teenage girls, and vice versa. Recognizing the warning signs of depression in […]

Intensive Outpatient Programs Can Help Teens With Depression

An intensive outpatient program provides ongoing group support to help individuals recover from depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders. These programs, also referred to as IOP’s, provide more structure than traditional therapy but more flexibility than in-patient programs. An IOP can significantly improve a person’s mood and ability to cope with depression.  What Is An […]