Does Alcohol Thin Your Blood?

does alcohol thin your blood

Alcohol is a major part of our culture, and a lot of people drink regularly, either on their own or at events. The fact that alcohol is used so often makes it especially important for everyone to understand how alcohol affects your brain and body [1], including how it interacts with your circulatory system and […]

Blue Adderall® Pill: Risks, Withdrawal Symptoms, & Signs You May Be Addicted

Blue Adderall® Pill

Adderall® is one of the most common medications prescribed to help with the symptoms of ADHD. Unfortunately, this means it’s also one of the medications that’s most widely available for people who are looking to abuse drugs, boost their school or work performance, or who are looking for an affordable high. This also means that […]

Is Weed A Depressant? What Marijuana Does To the Brain And Body

is weed a depressant

One of the most important things you can do is understand how different drugs affect your body, especially if you’re currently using or considering using those drugs. Knowing how a drug is likely to affect you can make it easier to spot potential problems, and also helps you gauge risk more effectively. Of course, understanding […]

Xanax® and Alcohol: A Potentially Fatal Combination

xanax and alcohol

Most people understand that mixing drugs can be dangerous, but it’s relatively rare for people to understand how dangerous mixing certain drugs can be, or which drugs are more dangerous to mix than others. For instance, the cultural perception that alcohol is a relatively safe and acceptable drug to use can lead a lot of […]

Should You Mix Antidepressants And Alcohol?

antidepressants and alcohol

It’s pretty common for teenagers who are dealing with mental health challenges to get a prescription for antidepressant medications. These medications are generally safe, can be highly effective, and often help teenagers succeed in school and in their personal lives as well as just generally feel better. But should you mix antidepressants and alcohol [1]? While […]