Signs of Depression in Teenage Girls

Depression in Teenage Girls

Battling depression can be difficult for anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. However, over the years, there has been a rise in depression, specifically among adolescents, as they navigate pre-adulthood and the pressures that come with it. Among this group, teenage girls are almost twice as likely to develop depression than boys. While it […]

What Is Anxiety Chest Pain, And What Can You Do About It?

What Is Anxiety Chest Pain

Anxiety chest pain is a stabbing pain in the chest brought on or intensified as a result of a panic attack or other anxiety-related episode. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, you can practice breathing exercises, eat healthier, avoid caffeine, and seek professional therapy to alleviate these symptoms. Facts About Anxiety Anxiety is an intense fear […]

What Is Loneliness? How To Identify and Address The Signs Of Loneliness In Teens

What Is Loneliness

What Are The Signs and Symptoms Of Loneliness? Loneliness in teens can be mislabeled as other things, such as antisocial behavior, depression, or anxiety. Common symptoms of loneliness include a desire to be with their parents or guardian all the time, exhibiting negative behavior for attention, being easily distracted, and having a small social circle. […]

What Is Anxiety? Signs In Teens, Symptoms, Teen Treatment, and Resources

What Is Anxiety? Signs In Teens, Symptoms, Teen Treatment, and Resources

What Is Anxiety? Anxiety is a state of worry, alarm, or fear over circumstances (past, current, or future) that you may not be able to control. This is a natural mental state that can be experienced throughout various times in their life and can manifest physical symptoms such as restlessness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, […]

What Are OCD Intrusive Thoughts?

What Are OCD Intrusive Thoughts

OCD intrusive thoughts are repetitive, chronic, and undesirable mind pictures, thoughts, and impulses that cause one to feel anxious, distressed, and out of control. For teens who suffer from OCD, intrusive thoughts can be frightening and even debilitating. Unwanted recurring thought patterns like this can lead to a laser-focused obsession and undesirable behaviors. In many […]

Teens And Interrupted Sleeping Patterns: How Social Media Affects Their Brain

teens and interrupted sleeping patterns

Spending too much time on social media has many negative effects on teens. One of the most significant ways screen time affects teens’ sleep hygiene is by using phones or computers before bed. The blue light from screens disrupts the body’s natural circadian rhythm, making it harder to fall asleep, and can cause sleep disorders […]