Meet The Team:

What to Expect During The Confidential Assessment

To ensure we gather a complete picture, our LMSW or LCSW certified assessment team will carry out three key conversations:

  1. One-on-One with Potential Patient: This private conversation allows our experts to understand the patient’s perspective, feelings, and experiences without any external influence.
  2. One-on-One with the Parents (if assessing a teen patient): We value your insights as parents and recognize the critical role you play in your child’s life. This session is an opportunity for you to share your observations, concerns, and hopes for your child’s future.
  3. Group Session (if needed): Finally, we bring everyone together to discuss our findings, answer any remaining questions, and outline the next steps.
The Next Steps Following The Assessment

The outcome of this assessment is not limited to what happens at BasePoint. Our primary goal is to ensure that you and your child receive the best possible care, regardless of whether it’s through our programs or an external referral. Here’s what the next steps might look like:

  1. At BasePoint: We offer a variety of tailored programs and therapies designed to address specific mental health needs.
  2. Referral Sources: If our assessment indicates that another organization or specialist would be better suited to your child’s needs, we will provide comprehensive referral sources to ensure a smooth transition.
  3. Insurance Overview and Education: Navigating the complexities of insurance can be daunting. We will provide an overview and education on your options, ensuring you understand the coverage and support available to you.

What is the BasePoint Difference?

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Based on 68 reviews
Brittany Bennefield
I can not say enough great things about Basepoint! Every staff member is so accommodating and understanding, they really put you at ease. I couldn’t ask for better communication and they answered every question I had throughout the process. My daughter loved the staff and felt cared for every step of the way.
Micki Allen
This was not our first time at the rodeo, and it was hands down the best mental health experience our family has encountered. The staff is truly dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of their young patients. The communication between staff (therapists and nurses) and the family is incredible. Discharge was especially informative while still being a simple process. I would recommend BPA to family and friends without reservation.
Scooby Leigh
This facility truly was a life saver. The staff here were amazing, and communicated well. They made transition out and back into my child's school system seamless. My child really did leave the facility a changed person with copping skills and confidence. Thank you!
Micaela Brown
Wonderful staff! India goes above and beyond to for the patients under her care. Her warm approach and commitment to helping others is unmatched.
The most caring and professional staff!! I appreciate all their hard work! ❤️
Santiago Garza
Great staff,caring nurses
Rudy Martinez
Great staff and clean facilities!
Lauralee Moberg
BasePoint is a top notch facility! They are able to provide some of the best care for teenagers that not a lot of facilities have to offer. Amazing facility and even more amazing staff that work diligently with their patients day in and day out!
Mary Walton
Great facility, it’s obvious how much the staff cares about their patients!
Makayla DeLeon
Excellent facility with even more excellent staff!!

The Importance of LCSW/LMSW Certification for Mental Health Assessors

Ethical considerations are at the heart of mental health practice. LCSW or LMSW certification requires professionals to adhere to a strict code of ethics, which covers confidentiality, informed consent, and client autonomy. This commitment to ethical standards ensures that all assessments and treatments are conducted with the utmost respect and integrity as well as:

  • Demonstrating Professional Expertise
  • Enhancing Credibility and Trust
  • Specialized Training and Skills
  • Commitment to Ethical Standards
  • Providing Comprehensive Care
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Enhancing Team Dynamics
Group photo of the LCSW Certified assessment team at BasePoint