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How Necessary Is Medication For Bipolar Depression?

medication for bipolar depression

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What Is Bipolar Depression?

Bipolar Depression is a mental health condition that causes dramatic mood swings including episodes of depression or mania. The emotional highs are referred to as manic episodes, and the emotional lows are known as depressive episodes. There are four different kinds of bipolar depression, and they each have different symptoms, patterns, and warning signs. Bipolar in teens can express itself differently than it does in adults. Teenagers with bipolar depression often have a dual diagnosis of ADHD, which makes it more challenging to recognize bipolar disorder symptoms. Bipolar in adults, on the other hand, usually expresses itself in more uniform ways that are easily categorized. 

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Understanding Hyper mania

Hyper mania is a symptom of bipolar disorder that has a negative impact on a person’s ability to function and complete everyday tasks. A hyper manic episode lasts for at least one week, and in some cases may require hospitalization if a psychotic break occurs. Emotional symptoms of hyper mania may include feelings of invincibility, restlessness, intense feelings of excitement, and overoptimism. Behavioral symptoms of hyper mania may include getting very little sleep and reckless behavior such as overspending or drug and alcohol use. 

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Understanding Hypomania

Hypomania is a less extreme form of mania in which a person is noticeably more energized than their usual self. An episode of hypomania lasts for at least four days but can continue for months at a time, and expresses itself as a person experiencing extreme mood swings and high energy levels. A hypomanic episode can be triggered by a lack of sleep, being overstimulated by an environment or substance, or a major life change or loss. Other symptoms of a hypomanic episode may include excessive, rapid talking and not getting a lot of sleep but feeling energized nonetheless.

bipolar depression medication

Types Of Medication You May Need

There are several kinds of medication used to treat Bipolar Depression: 

  • Antipsychotics: Are prescribed for symptoms of mania that persist after being given other medications.
  • Mood Stabilizers: Are used to control manic episodes.
  • Antidepressants: Are usually prescribed with mood-stabilizing medications or antipsychotic medications because they can trigger manic episodes. 
  • Antiseizure medications: Are used as mood stabilizers or to control mania. Other antiseizure medications are more effective at treating depression.

Other Treatments For Bipolar Depression That Help

Several forms of therapy have been proven to be effective in treating people struggling with mental health disorders including bipolar depression. Treatment options include programs that combine a schedule of consistent therapy along with a medication regimen that is prescribed and overseen by a psychiatrist. These treatments combined with learning new coping strategies and implementing important lifestyle changes such as having a proper sleep schedule can be very helpful in managing bipolar depression

Some forms of therapy used in treatment programs or on a one to one basis for bipolar depression include: 

  • Talk Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT)
  • Family Therapy
  • Interpersonal and social rhythm therapy (IPSRT)

How We Can Help You

As mental-health professionals, we understand the challenges that come with experiencing mood swings, depression, and anxiety. If your life is becoming difficult to manage because of untreated mental health issues, reach out to us today. Whether you have been diagnosed with bipolar depression or are simply concerned about symptoms you are experiencing, you don’t have to try to manage things on your own. Although there is no cure for bipolar depression, with access to the right information, tools, and treatment, you can be well on your way to a productive, thriving, and meaningful life. 




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